Future of ePublic Services in the Atlantic Area

23 January 2014 09:00 - 13:00 
CoLab, LYIT Campus, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland

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A new generation of disruptive Digital Technologies stands ready to create a second revolution in the way that public services are delivered to citizens and business. The first revolution was based on the advent of broadband and the Internet, and for the first time, enabled consumers of public services to self-service their service needs. It lowered the cost of providing the service, as well as improving productivity and service levels. The new disruptive technologies include mobile and cloud computing, social media, data analytics, ubiquitous computing, etc. and enable the consumption ‘at-any-time-any-place’ of more responsive and evidence-based public services. This workshop is part of a study to identify the Digital Agenda needs of Europe's Atlantic Regions. It is being carried out by the ERNACT network, in cooperation with the Atlantic Forum of the Commission of the Peripheral & Maritime Regions (CPMR). The event will be streamed live. By bringing input from a number of sources, the workshop will discuss the implications of these technologies for public service delivery in the Atlantic Area. Inputs will include presentations from practitioners and researchers, contributions for participants, a social media campaign and results of an online blog. A key output of the workshop is ideas for new projects that meet the needs of Europe's Atlantic areas.
Discuss the ePublic service needs and opportunities in Europe's Atlantic regions in the context of big data, ubiquitous computing and social media.
• Discuss the implications of disruptive digital technologies for the design of future public services
• Review the ePublic service needs and plans of public authorities in Europe's Atlantic area
• Disseminate lessons learnt by a number of Atlantic regions and cities that have just developed a number of new Internet public services


23 January 2014    - 12:45 
Time Description Speaker
Registration & Coffee
Welcome Address
Mr. Brian Boyle, Head of Information Systems, Donegal County Council
The Future of ePublic Services & the EU Digital Agenda
Background to the Atlantic eServices project, project objectives and overview of the role of ePublic services in the EUs Digital Agenda flagship
Mr Daragh McDonough, IS Project Leader (GIS), Broadband Officer, Donegal County Council
The Future of ePublic Service_DMcDonagh_23Jan14.pptx
The Future of ePublic Services & the EU Digital Ag
The Future of ePublic Services & the EU Digital Agenda. This presentation gives a background to the AAPubServ project and a view from the Donegal perspective. Presented by Daragh McDonagh, IS Project Leader, Donegal County Council.
Author: Daragh McDonough
Case Study 1: ePublic Services & Innovation
Keynote address, based on the Scottish Government's plans to leverage open public services as a springboard for innovation and job creation in the digital sector.
Ms. Jane Morgan, Deputy Director, Digital Public Services, Scottish Government
Digital Public Services & Innovation_The Scottish Government_Jane Morgan_23Jan14.ppt
Digital Public Services & Innovation - The Scottis
Digital Public Services & Innovation in the Scottish Government. Presentation given by Jane Morgan, Deputy Director. The presentation offers a view of how digital enablement of public services is part of innovation system and can contribute to both societal wellbeing and economic growth. It also discusses how we ensure that businesses, including SMEs in our areas, are well placed to act as suppliers for transformation of public services, and how we can engage effectively with business on industry trends so as to future proof service delivery and make services as cost effective as possible.
Author: Jane Morgan
Case Study 2: Open Data Portals
This case study, from the County of Gironde (France), will outline how regions can develop open public data portals within their region or county.
Mr. Pascal Romain, Conseil Général de la Gironde
Open Data_Romain Pascal_23Jan14.pdf
Open Data
Using Open Data for a more sustainable economy. Presented by Pascal Romain, Conseil General de la Gironde.
Author: Pascal Romain
Case Study 3: Social Media & Citizen Design
Experience from the Irish government's new Data Analytics research initiative, on how the success of social media can be used in the design of future public services
Ms. Deirdre Lee, Research Associate, INSIGHT
Citizen Design_Deirdre Lee_23Jan14.pptx
Engaging Citizens in Public Service & Policy Desig
Engaging Citizens in Public Service & Policy Design. Presented by Deirdre Lee, Research Associate, INSIGHT.
Author: Deirdre Lee
Networking Break
This will be an opportunity for participants to network and discuss the case studies before applying them in the hands-on sessions after the coffee break
Breakout Session - Ideas for Developing New ePublic Services in the Atlantic Area
Breakout session to identify and discuss ideas and projects for developing new public services. This will include ideas generated in advance of the workshop by regions in the Atlantic Areas
Dr Caitriona Strain, Programme Manager, ERNACT Network
EU funding opportunities for developing ePublic Services
This will include a presentation on upcoming EU opportunities and a discussion on how the ideas generated might fit into various funding programmes
Mr. Jose Manuel San Emeterio, Programme Manager, ERNACT Network
EU funding_JSanEmeterio_23Jan14.pptx
EU funding opportunities for developing ePublic Se
Presentation on upcoming EU opportunities and a discussion on how the ideas generated might fit into various funding programmes
Author: Jose Manuel San Emeterio
Conclusions & Next Steps
Including lessons, agreement on how to advance project ideas in the context of upcoming EU Calls for Proposals
Ms. Ellen Cavanagh, Head of Corporate Admin & Performance Improvement, Derry City & Strabane District Council
Closing remarks_Ellen Cavanagh_23Jan14.docx
Concluding Remarks by Ellen Cavanagh
Ellen Cavanagh presents Closing remarks to the Future of ePublic Services in Atlantic Area workshop on 23 Jan 2014
Author: Ellen Cavanagh
Networking Lunch