Atlantic Innovation Platforms and Smart Clusters

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Talent House
Date: 13 March 2014 09:00 - 21:00
Location: Talent House , Pso. Duque de Baena 42, City of San Sebastián, Spain

This workshop, co-organized by Fomento de San Sebastián and Cardiff City Council, takes the successful experience of the City of San Sebastian as a reference. By bringing input from a number of experts, researchers and key actors, the workshop will discuss strategy development for smart specialisation and cluster creation. The Creative and Audiovisual clusters, where both digital and innovation are of huge importance, play a key role in this workshop. Tailored meetings and discussions between relevant actors and organisations will be arranged around this topic. This workshop is part of a study to identify the Digital Agenda needs of Europe's Atlantic Regions. A key output is the generation of new ideas for projects that meet the needs of Europe's Atlantic areas.
Discuss about the importance of innovation and digital as key elements for competitiveness in the regions of the Atlantic Area.

• Review the role that innovation and digital technologies can play as mean for competitiveness improvement.
• Share the good practices developed by San Sebastian in the last years and look for ways to export or replicate this model in other regions.
• Identify possibilities of collaboration and synergies in specific smart sectors of common interest for the regions in the Atlantic Area.
• Discuss about the role that ICTs can play as a facilitator for this collaboration (i.e. Innovation platforms).


13 March 2014   09:00 - 21:00
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Registration and coffee


Welcome Address
Mr. Euken Sesé Sarasti, General Manager, Fomento de San Sebastián


Atlantic Innovation Platforms and Smart Clusters
Introduction to Digital Atlantic Project, smart specialisation in the Atlantic Area and Innovation Platforms
Mr. Colm Mc Colgan, General Manager, ERNACT
Innovation Platforms and Smart Clusters- ERNACT - Colm Mc Colgan.pptx
Smart Specialisation in the Atlantic Area
Presentation given by Colm Mc Colgan (ERNACT) at the Digital Atlantic Innovation Platforms and Smart Specialisation workshop in San Sebastian on 13 March 2014
Author: Colm Mc Colgan


Smart Specialisation Cluster e-strategy in Fomento San Sebastian
Development of smart specialisation strategies through clustering policy
Mr. Euken Sesé Sarasti, General Manager, Fomento de San Sebastián


Audiovisual Clusters and Creative Industries
Case study of Donostia / San Sebastián to underline how regions can develop successful clusters in their region or country
Ms. Ana Vera Ruiz, Responsable Cluster Audiovisual, Fomento de San Sebastián


The Creative Industries Sector in Cardiff
Experience the City of Cardiff about how to expand the success of the creative industry sector to other regions
Mr. Mark John, Cardiff Film Unit, Cardiff Council


Networking Break


Donostia / San Sebastian - Culture Capital 2016
Including a presentation about the vision Donostia / San Sebastián is the European Capital of culture 2016.
Mr. Eneko Garate, Responsible for Internationalisation, European Capital of Culture 2016 , Fomento de San Sebastián


The Contribution of Business to Creative, smart sustainable and inclusive development
Take advantage of your local resources
Ms. Maria Iglesias, Head of Research and Analysis, Kea European Affairs


Roundtable Discussion
Group discussion session to identify and discuss ideas and projects for developing new public services. This will include ideas generated in advance of the workshop by regions in the Atlantic Areas
Ms Maite Ayestarán Vega, Responsable del Observatorio Urbano, Fomento de San Sebastián


Networking Lunch


Study visit to Film Locations
Lorea Hernández, European Projects, Fomento de San Sebastián


Networking Coffee
Face to Face meetings between San Sebastian and Cardiff companies
Lorea Hernández, European Projects, Fomento de San Sebastián